Song writing Basics with Mary Dailey (The Craft of the Song) Session 3: (three-week course)

Oct 16, 2018 at 1:30 am

Education Events

Instructor: Mary Dailey
When:  Session 3: Saturday, October 16: 1:30 - 3 p.m..
Maximum class size: 10
Cost: $15 per session for members; $18 per session for nonmembers
Ages: 16 and older

The Craft of the Song is a three week class that will help you move your song from just an idea to an actual song. Session 1: “Look before you Leap”  The September 15th class will provide an overview of songwriting from various perspectives to gain insight into the process as well as clarity of aim. Session 2: “ Few Rules, Many Tools”  The class on September 22nd will focus on lyrics. You have an inspiration and a blank page! Now let’s see what’s inside the songwriter’s toolbox to help you build that song. Session 3: “Alchemy”  The final session on October 20th will introduce the tune. Those lyrics are lonely for a compatible partner – melody. This is where magic can happen, but any good marriage takes work, so roll up your sleeves. This course is designed for students to take all three sessions, but students are permitted to sign up for individual sessions if they desire.